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Alumni Connection President Yvonne English Will Be Lecturing on Planting Design at the 2012 Long Beach Landscape Expo

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On October 10th and 11th the 2012 Long Beach Landscape Expo will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center.  This show is billed as the Number One Landscape Trade Show and Educational Conference in the West. Landscape Expo has been held since 1960 and is the longest running landscape trade show in the Southwestern United States.

Last year more than 3,500 industry professionals filled a twice-expanded, but still sold out, exhibit hall featuring 265 exhibitors in 557 booths. This year the event is expected to be even bigger.


Among the highlights of this event are the educational seminars. Alumni Connection President, Yvonne English (’07) will be presenting a seminar on The Planting Design Process on October 11th from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.
The description of this seminar follows:

“Plants are not just ornamental elements in the landscape, but, in fact, important building materials with a purpose. And landscape designs are often evaluated not just by the hardscape, but by the condition and appropriateness of the plants used on a project. This seminar will look at designing plants as both an art and a science. We will review design principles, plants as design elements and discuss the plant design process. Then we will review site requirements, three considerations for plant selection: functional, ecological and aesthetic. Finally we will show plant uses, and even a few planting mistakes.”

To register for the event and The Planting Design seminar, follow this link to the 2012 Long Beach Landscape Expo page

Receive a discount when you use this discount code: ENGL-Y-LAX13  while registering for any of the 2013 Landscape Architecture Expo Seminars and Workshops featuring industry leaders such as Dariush Bakhtar, Ashley Calabria, Lynn Capouya, Barbara Deutsch, Mike Evans, Judith Guido, Yvonne English, Veronica Meadows, Susan Sims, David Smith and more . . .

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Upcoming Event: “Lighting the Residential Landscape”

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UCLA Extension Landscape Architecture Program will be offering “Lighting the Residential Landscape” on Saturday November 3rd and 17th from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm. The class will be taught by Yvonne English (’07).


Master core design concepts, such as designing with respect for the dark sky and minimizing residential light trespass; addressing safety for pedestrian circulation and home security; fundamentals of low-voltage lighting components; and much more, including health, safety, and welfare issues. Instruction covers the process of lighting design from defining the lighting program and site inventory to conceptual design and a brief overview of design documentation.

To enroll use reg # Y5659 and go to or call 310.825.9971. Members of Alumni Connection will receive a discount off of the enrollment fee.

Click Lightingflyer for the Flyer for this event.

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Alumni Connection invites you to join us for a presentation at Olsen Pavingstone, Saturday October 6th, 2012. Olsen Pavingstone will also be hosting a luncheon in addition to the tour. Olsen Pavingstone is located at 31511 Ortega Highway, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675. If you didn’t receive the email invitation, contact Yvonne English (’07)

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Alumni Connection Awards Presented at Landscape Architecture Program 2012 Awards Ceremony

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Alumni Connection presented awards to outstanding students at the UCLA Extension Landscape Architect Program 2012 Student Awards Ceremony on July 14th.

The selection criteria were: 1) how well the student solved their stated problem or program; and 2) how well they communicated the solution. The awards this year go to:

Jessica Barrie for her Design IV Spring Street Park project. Jessica’s design was well conceived, her boards were clear, and her process included a site inventory, site analysis, and provided the context to the street and adjacencies.

Dolly Chu for her Site Engineering and Watershed Management project and her Irrigation Plan. Both technical projects displayed thoroughness and clear sheet design.

Jessyca Frederick for her Advanced Graphics Culver City Museum of Art project. Her photoshop and graphic design skills were clearly demonstrated on both the boards and the well designed and highly readable book.

Samantha Hung for her well designed Construction Methods and Materials book. Her hand drawings were well done and showed a clear understanding of the different construction methods. And also for her Design VI Cal Arts Campus project with compelling graphics and a creative use of aerial views.

Julia Newton for her Design III Melnitz Stairs project. Julia’s process was thorough and well documented in her process book. Her boards were clear and the use of sections and color highlighted her design solution. The use of a model further demonstrated the design in the context of the space.

Linda Whitney for her Public Field Sequence project which clearly told the story of the space in a highly creative way that was visually arresting. And also for her Site Engineering and Watershed Management which demonstrated thoroughness and clear sheet design.

The Judging Committee members were:
Cathy Robert
Anne Jones
June Scott

In addition to the student awards a new award was instituted this year and our Alumni Connection President, Yvonne English (07), and President Elect, Debbie James (09) were pleased to present the first Honorary Member Award to Alexis Joan Shaffer. The Alumni Connection Board chose Alexis to receive this award for her contribution not only to Alumni Connection, but also to the Landscape Architect profession.


Yvonne English, Alexis Schaffer and Debbie James shown in the photo above at the awards ceremony.

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Outdoor Lighting Workshop January 14 & 28

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Alumni Connection Members:

Give yourself the gift of continuing education in 2012! One of the benefits of Alumni Connection membership is discounts on classes and workshops. The program is offering a two day workshop entitled “Lighting the Landscape” that is eligible for a $25 discount. When you register, use the promotion code L0020. See the attached flier for details on the workshop.

Brochure 2012

Happy Holidays from the Alumni Connection!

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Stephanie Landregan elected Vice President of CLARB

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FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (UNITED STATES) – October 17, 2011 – Stephanie Landregan has been elected as Vice President of the 2011-2012 Board of Directors for the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards (CLARB).

Landregan has held various leadership positions with CLARB since 2006, serving as the CLARB Region V Director (2007-2009) and Region V Alternate Director (2006-2007) as well as the CLARB Communications Committee Chairperson (2007-2009). Landregan has also served as a CLARB exam grader (2010) and as a member of the CLARB Nominations Committee (2005) and the CLARB Reciprocity Committee (2003-2004).

Closer to home, Landregan has served on the California Landscape Architects Technical Committee as Board Chair (2005 and 2010); Vice Chair (2003 and 2004); Board Member (2001-Present); and as a member of the Sunset Review Committee (2006-Present). She has also served the ASLA Southern California Chapter as its President (2002-2003), Secretary (1999-2001), Trustee (2005-2008) and Liaison to Students (1997-1999). She has worked as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Glendale, California since 2009 (her term expires in 2013). She is a founding board member of the Glendale Parks and Open Space Foundation. Since 2008 she has been the Secretary of Volunteers Organized in Concern for the Environment (VOICE). Since 2009, she has been the Chairperson of both the Glendale Historic Preservation Commission and the City of LA Low Impact Development Guidelines Joint AIA and ASLA Committee.

Landregan earned a Landscape Architecture Certificate from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension Program in 1993. She also holds a BA in 3-Dimensional Art from the University of Kentucky and she completed the Masters Studies, Technical/Vocational Education program at the University of New Mexico. She is currently licensed in California.

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Watershape Design Event, November 12th, Anaheim

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Upcoming Classes

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Landscape Design Business – $20,000

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Full-service landscaping company for sale, established 2004. Handling all aspects of landscape design, installation and ongoing maintenance. Turn-key operation, all personnel in place, potential for growth. Currently serving Los Angeles County and Miami.

For more details, please contact Jim Bernet at 1-310-396-6963

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Book Recommendation

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Elmer Avenue Landscape Architect Guy Stivers is passionate about sustainable design. While discussing the design of Elmer Avenue on the Alumni Connection’s tour of this site, Guy recommended those interested in sustainably to study Forestry, especially Urban Forestry. He recommended as a fundamental text, Up From Roots by James Urban.


I’ve bought the book and I’ve found it to be a marvelous combination of theory and practical instruction. I was told by a colleague that this is a text for the Arborist certification program.

Happy Reading,